What is Branding Identity and Why do I need Branding?

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Think of branding identity just like your companies own personal identity. It makes you individual and unlike anyone else – in other words, what sets you apart and gains trust. Brand identity is what your company’s personality and appearance to the world is. It’s more than just a logo, it’s how the business presents itself locally or globally.

The brand is the perception of the company in the eyes of the world.
Branding involves the marketing practice of actively shaping a distinctive brand.
Brand identity is the collection of all trade name elements that the company creates, to portray the right image of itself, to the consumer.

Before you start out with a branding exercise yourself or are giving a brief to a design agency, then you need to ask a few questions to understand what your company or brand is.

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– What is the purpose of your business?
– What are your company values?
– What is your company’s personality? If it was a person, what would it be like?
– What is your unique selling points?
– What is your company’s voice and how does it want to communicate? ie tone of voice.
– What makes you stand out against others?

Combine these elements and it should start to paint a quick picture of where to start on your branding journey.

Top tip: Before going to a design agency, have some ideas or write down words that convey the brand. Designers can understand this and will help save money and the designer’s time if you have some initial ideas or keywords right from the start.

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Design Is Key

Just like most large brands, you will want to think of the overall look of your brand or company, what the logo will look like, what the packaging will look like, the website, your social media channels, your business cards and so on. This will take into consideration the overall look of the brand. It’s easy to spot companies that have not thought this through, as there is no flow from any of the business outlets, where a business card doesn’t match the look of the website or the product they sell. Have a look at some major brands. Many of their logos are not complex and are instantly recognisable through their colours or their fonts. A logo should be able to be placed on a postage stamp or a large billboard, yet work across both and everything in-between.

Watch one of my favourite designers and creative agency owners Chris Do below ‘Branding: Identity Design w/ Yo Santosa’ and be sure to check out his agencies website


What colours do you want to use universally across your brand? It is recommended the choice should be anything from one to four colours and keep it to that. You may want more and have a good reason for it, so it really can depend on the tone of your company. A logo can look dramatically different when colours are changed. A company looking at selling men’s office accessories are not going to use pink, not because they are narrow-minded, but it is to do with sales demographics. A green energy company probably would use colour combinations of greens and blues instead of black and red for instance. It is how the human brain interoperates colour theory and is used by designers globally.

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Your logo is a major part of what defines your brand. There are so many examples of good logos out there that just incorporate everything to do with the brand in one logo, whether it is a design that is simply a plain text logo or something more elaborate.

We know there are logo generators out there and cant advise staying away from these enough. The main reason is that you will not be the first person to use this and your logo is probably going to be identical to someone else’s, if not hundreds of others. Get a design that really represents your brand, has the ability to stand out and give a great impression to customers and clients.

A logo should clearly communicate everything about the brand, whether it is clean and minimal, or something a bit edgier and “out there”. A logo should make an impression on viewers and be remembered.

Don’t trivialize a logo and make it literal. Make something that looks simple, great and effective.

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The website is your shop window to the world and have probably heard that many times. However, if you are running an online shop or require a website, get this right as it’s so important. It is where all your social media is pointing towards whether its a website, e-shop or landing page. It is where you want your customers and clients to end up, in order to spend money on your brand. You want your website to work across all outputs, such as large format computers, mobile phones, tablets and so on. You have probably heard of responsive design, so this is why it needs to work on all devices and now most importantly work fast on mobile devices. Your website is where you want your brand to appear and shine through. It is such an important part of showing off all aspects of your brand which leads to sales.

In conclusion, branding should be a personal thing, often interpreted in an assortment of ways and is often thought to be the start of a company’s journey, or be refreshed when the company hits a milestone. Thinking of branding as simply a logo can be a good start but take into consideration everything that is an output of the company. It should be in the same styling so it can be instantly recognisable or if visiting the website, you know, without any doubt, you are on the company’s page. When posting on social media outlets, ensure everything has a universal look to it, so that when clients scroll past it, they know it was from your brand and product.
Make your branding iconic from the start.

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Feeling inspired to give your business or startup a great branding strategy? We have solutions to suite startups or existing companies so get in contact and let’s get started.