Does your startup business really need a website?

Starting a new business is an exciting time full of unknowns, and is when you can put all your ideas in to action to show the world what you have to offer. However, the biggest problem is actually getting your business or product noticed in the ever expanding world.

Marketing is important for all businesses but none more so than a startup company, as you will not have been heard of before. How do you approach this and get the best possible start? Ideally, you want to be well placed on search engines, using search engine optimisation or some email campaigns from all those sign ups you have captured as well as digital marketing. This means using lots of social media in order to boost awareness and conversions.

Before starting off with digital marketing etc, you will need a great looking website in place, as ideally that will be where potential clients and customers will be looking. Your website in reality is your shop window to the world, so getting this right is important. It tells people what you are offering and what services you provide.


Why do startups need websites?

As a startup company, most will be still needing and requiring new business leads and consumers. This is not a reflection on the business or idea you have, it’s just that no one has heard of you or what you do! Its amazing the different reactions you can get when you have a website up and running that looks and feels professional. Startup websites are often overlooked and undervalued. Companies want to make money but do not feel the need to invest in what will potentially be the place where people are viewing their products or services. Solutions for websites and web applications can be made to capitalise on ideas and business but without money spent, the return of investment will also be substantially smaller when coupled with their social media campaign.


What's the function of a startup website?

  • Websites are often the first place a customer or business will go to find out about products or services and will not search on social media.If people are told about your product or business, there is a high chance they will use a search engine to find you and this will usually point – yes, you’ve guessed it! – to your website.
  • With an all time high in people trusting online shopping, e-commerce websites and web applications, without a fully functional website, you can potentially be losing money to a rival business.
  • Your website is where you can display your brand and ideas without the limitations of social media sites, which can be very restrictive on creativity. We love seeing product websites showing what the product can do and coupled with great branding, you’re on to a winner!
  • It’s true, a well designed website or web application can make your startup look much larger in scale than it actually is. This is not a bad thing. Use professional companies like us, that design individual websites for you. Envizion Digital can reflect what your product or your company is and where you want your business to be.
  • Have a website or web application that you are proud of which tell others about with no hesitation, not something that is bought on the cheapest budget in order to just have a website, if that’s the case it does not look good on you, your business or product.

What does a well performing website require?

  • Your website now needs to be responsive, this means it responds well and works on all major devices, tablets, phones, desktops. Google will now penalise sites that cannot do so.
  • Have your website branded, you may already have a great logo and branding so use this and use it well over all your companies assets. If you don’t have this, get it right in the beginning, we know there are free logo sites, but so does every other startup out there and there is a massive risk that you are using the same logo as half the other startups out there, think different, as a certain company once said, it sticks though right? This is how to brand a company and we are here to help.
  • Make sure your website is informative and give as much information as you can without going over the top, no one is going to read pages and pages of your product on the homepage, hide it away or use some video or have technical data as downloadable PDF’s.
  • Update your website frequently, if you have a blog or news section, use it, no one wants to click on this and see that your latest article was put out years ago.
  • Bring out the tone and personality of your business or product through the site, corporate companies will have a different look, tone and feel to them in comparison to a fashion e-commerce site and use different techniques in capturing leads.
  • We know there are website self builders out there, some work well if you have spent hours working out that their simple, “easy to use” video may not have been quite accurate as well as not exactly having a site that looks very good. When you have paid for this along with your monthly fees and limited functionality it quickly escalates the price to become more than starting off than speaking with a company that builds websites and web applications. For e-commerce sites these can also take a large percentage of your cost of items which means you will have to sell at higher prices to consumers. We offer custom built websites and web applications tailored to your needs and the functions you require along with detailed knowledge and reasons why we build in that way, we also have the smaller budgets in mind and can use platforms like wordpress in order to give you a great looking website with all the functionality that you may need.
  • Websites are needed still in business and we feel that it’s important to get these right from the start when you are wanting to impress new clients or indeed investors to your business.

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