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How to optimise your website to engage and convert potential leads

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How To Engage And Convert Potential Leads, Sales And Clients.

Your website’s homepage is the first thing a lot of your people will interact with as potential clients and it is important to get this right. We thought it would be a good idea to write a guide to what we think is the most important assets needed in order to convert clients as well as what can really boost your homepage’s aesthetics.
A simple homepage should resonate with your audience as well as giving them the interaction required to convert readers into paying customers.

Heres our simple guide to what makes a great homepage

1. What Do You Do?

Your website needs to clearly state what you do as a business quickly in order to grab the attention of the viewer. Let it be known exactly what you do and how to take steps in getting the service or product that they want.

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2. A Website Should Be Targeted To Your Clients

Your Homepage should be designed in order to look great and have the right interactions for your target audience to think about who this is: Is it a product that is going to sell well with the age group 18-35 or is it a service intended for business owners to run their business easier and cut down on time spent with certain operations or perhaps a service for industry? This will all determine the overall look of your site to really appeal to the customer.

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3. Is The Homepage Going To Make People Want To Stick Around?

Has your homepage got all the information required on it to really engage with your audience in order to convert? Has it got the next steps; such as viewing more about a product or service, an email sign up, social media links or an explainer video to show more? The length of time spent on a page by a user will affect the score given by Google for your ranking.

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4. Is There An Engaging Call To Action?

One of the most important parts to have on a website is a “call to action” giving the viewer something to click on to view more about a service or simply ‘Buy Now” if you are gathering a lot of leads from social media channels such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Make it easy for your potential customs to get in contact or buy a product. Email forms are a great way to keep a record of who is interested in your products, add one of these on your homepage or a popup to start really targeting. Make sure your Calls to Action are featured and stand out amongst the other parts of your website

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5. Changing Your Website Regularly.

Do you regularly change your website? Have you tried using video backgrounds to show instantly what it is you do? Have you got great images of your product on there or changed the wording on your calls to action? It’s great to be able to test your website in an environment that is live and see what works and what doesn’t in order to get the maximum return on your website investment.

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6. Is It Mobile Responsive?

We have to add this but it is a question we get asked still. You need to have a responsive website now. A large proportion of people view websites on mobile devices and you have to take care of this or you are going to quickly lose a lot of clients within seconds of opening your homepage.

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7. Is The Menu Easy To Navigate?

A menu on a website can be either hidden away to give full impact of videos or images on your homepage and try to make people click your ‘call to action’ or seen in full to allow users to interact instantly on the website. An example of this could be when you are shopping for clothes. You might only want to see the Mens section or the Woman’s Section giving you quick and easy access to these specific categories of the site. Or alternatively, do you want to quickly view the full range of products or services a company has to offer?

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8. Overall Great Design

Make your website look great. Use the best images you can and listen to people that know the industry and what will work for you if you don’t know this yourself. Design usually has reasons for placements. What fonts are used and why parts go in certain places or order for instance too. This is known as ‘User Interaction Design’ and ‘User Interface Design’. A website should look clean and simple with nothing too cluttered and over the top as this will put users off.

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Feeling inspired to create a new website or upgrade what you already have to convert and engage? We have solutions to suit all price ranges and companies with different solutions so get in contact and see what we can do for you today.