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Artist Series: Hannah Ross – Knit and Purl: Maritime tales through Jumpers

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We have started to want to support and share the work of local artists we find interesting and pushing the boundries around Aberdeen and Scotland. In this first edition of the artist series we look at the work of Hannah Ross with her recent exhibition, Knit and Purl: Maritime tales through Jumpers which featured at the Aberdeen Art’s Centre.

“We have an enduring relationship with maritime folklore. Coming from a long line of fishermen from Stonehaven, maritime culture has always had an influential part in both my life and practice. My work explores the importance in keeping Scottish folk-crafts alive and how it can be linked to identity and place.

Textile objects Рespecially the Gansey jumper Рhave a strong connection with temporal narrative. They embody a language of their own and can narrate a tale. Knitting itself is a ritual laden with symbolism. Often, a jumper is knitted by a parental figure and passed through the family’s history. It travels with the wearer narrating its life. They are a tangible connection with family but also with identity and place.

With their characteristically boxy knit, roll neck and muted tones, they are iconic items of clothing that are integrated into fishing communities. As a piece of folk-craft, they embody a language of heritage and form a close relationship with place. Each knit is exclusive to fishing ports across the British Isle with every pattern relating to an element of the fisherman who wears it. The Gansey has acted as a symbol of identity similar to tartan”.

For more information please contact Hannah Ross at or follow her instagram @hannah_ross_painting

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