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Engaging Website Trends to Help Your Business or Startup

By 8th April 2019 July 10th, 2019 No Comments

Why Does This Help My Business Or Startup?

We think it’s important to keep up with what’s going on in the world of website design so we can offer our customers some great, fresh and current ideas that they may not be aware of. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the traditional website box. It’s our goal to build websites that essentially convert traffic into sales.

Before the design process, our projects begin with relevant research in order to add value to a company. By Utilising the latest UX and UI trends we can produce a website that not only looks amazing but also does its job.

So let’s take a look at some of the web design trends we’ve noticed and think will be of value for 2019.

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1.0 Web Animations

Web animations are nothing new; in fact, they’ve been around since the dawn of the internet. Now they can look truly fluid and have the ability to really enhance a site. Stunning SVG animations tend to be a lot lighter than GIFs which can look great but also really slow down your site. Impatience is a major consideration for online browsing behavior today so flow is everything. Animations or simple graphics such as icons can really work wonders by giving a sense of movement to any site. Animations are great but also need to be carried out with care. Too little and a site may feel stale. Too many and the content is lost by distracting the eye.

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2.0 Vivid Colours

In 2019 we are definitely going to see increased use of bright colours online. This is in part due to developments in screen technologies. Vibrant design and brave palette decisions are going to become more apparent this year. If it’s appropriate for your product and vision – go big and go vibrant!

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3.0 Big And Bold Typography

Typography has, and always will be a powerful tool in web design. It allows you to create impact and personality whilst simultaneously delivering information. Nowadays due to screen resolutions, we can use almost any font online with success. From an SEO point of view, these big bold headers are there to carry across exactly what a company does in a few short syllables rather than wordy paragraphs. Remember people have a low tolerance to reading online so impatience is your main challenge.

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4.0 Broken Layouts

When designing websites it’s sometimes important to bend the rules a little and never more so than when it comes to layouts. The days of websites being constrained to grids is over. Now we can use overlapping images and text to create a site that looks visually appealing and up to date. Broken layouts allow more beauty in a page without the traditional boxes and borders. Expect a lot more of this in 2018.

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5.0 Page Transitions

Page transitions can look great when moving to a new area of a site. Instead of simply changing with a short load time in between, parts can zoom in and out, or perhaps fade to a colour then expand to the next page. Thinking creatively here is the key whilst also considering what’s appropriate to your particular website. Essentially these are becoming common as they distract from the load time of a page. Again any break in flow is a killer. It’s a technique we’ve used for over a year now on our own site and when done well you shouldn’t even notice.

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6.0 More Shapes

In 2019 we predict a decrease in rectilinear geometry and more of a move towards curves and more interesting shapes. Not to say the 90 degree angle is dead. Of course, these will always be needed and preferred on most sites, especially when designing for more formal corporate websites. Online giants like Facebook and Twitter have started to adopt this; subtly changing their boxes to have slightly rounded edges. It basically gives a more tactile browsing experience. Take a moment to have a look at your own profiles to see the differences. Adding shapes to backgrounds is nothing new but we have seen a large increase in this technique over the last year and designs will continue to move from plain white backgrounds to having faint shapes behind the main content.

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7.0 Different Scrolling Patters

Have you ever noticed on a website when you scrolled something different happened? Perhaps another layer popped up from the bottom or the speed changed. Parts of the page may even move up into the page at different times. This is a great trend and beats the recent parallax trends by adding a bit of excitement to any page.

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8.0 Video

Video has been around for a while now as a big and bold way to introduce your website and we don’t see this ending any time soon. it’s an easy way to hold attention whilst quickly getting a message across about a product or company. Videos can also easily be shared on social media. Expect to see a rise in video content and ‘explainer videos’ online rather than page upon page of text which has a fraction of the impact.

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9.0 Gradients

That’s right we know it’s not the 80s but gradients are here and they’re taking over the web again either subtly in buttons or in a bright and vivid way on home pages. This probably has a lot to do with screen resolution also. With poorer resolutions, gradients looked horrible as the transitions weren’t soft enough to do justice to the colour. Many designers look to Apple for design ideas and they’re certainly already adopting this. Take a look at their new page for the iMac pro.

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Feeling inspired to change your website and get up to date? Get in contact and we will make it happen.