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Does your business have a clear Digital Strategy?

By 23rd January 2018 July 10th, 2019 No Comments

Do you or your business have a clear Digital Strategy?

Having the correct Digital Strategy in 2019 is crucial for most companies or individuals who have a website or online presence. If you are without one, then it is time you started having thoughts about getting one in place. Your new website is going to be the place where you want to direct your online traffic to and also bring all your online presence together.

A digital strategy is more or less know what your company’s future is and then developing it, using the correct online tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube to drive new business in through the door.

Some examples of a great digital strategy, to drive traffic to your site, maybe –

  • Regular postings on your social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn.
  • Youtube is used to attempt to engage with potential clients so that ‘shares and likes’ will boost your posts for new followers.
  • Videoing can be excellent for explaining your product or for something that happens in your industry which people may be interested in or curious about.
  • Weekly blogs or news articles explaining what has gone on previously in your industry or business will interest people, who then return to that all-important website or web application of yours.

Today the crucial point is Content Creation and that’s what many large Digital Marketing companies will tell you. Once found, these companies will do much of this work for you, advising, with great knowledge, how to attract business. It is certainly worthwhile going to Digital Marketing Agencies or Content Creators as they have the potential to add value to your company and create original content for you to share on your social media channels or website.

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So why do I need a new website or web application?

The main reason for having a new website or web application is that this is possibly the most fundamental area to display and explain your product, exhibit your portfolio, sell your products or simply have your organisation’s news. All of your social media work should be driving traffic towards your website where time can be spent observing your product or service in greater detail. When your website works effectively and looks outstanding, it should increase those all-important sales figures.

Now in 2018, is the time for you to get started with a new website or web application, as there is no time like the present in this ever-changing world. As everything online is working faster and faster, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and see what you can do!

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