Are you using videos on your Website, Web Application or Social Media?

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Are you using videos on your website or social media?

Without a doubt you will have a noticed a large amount of video content on websites and social media over the last few years which is growing at an astounding rate. According to Groupon, they have concluded that in 2018, video will take up to 69% of all their consumer web traffic, thats almost 4x as much as email marketing. Creating great content that is useful, insightful, interesting, funny or indeed valuable and posting them on youtube or social media is a fantastic way to generate web traffic to you website. This is getting easier now with professional cameras coming right down in price and specific cameras intended for todays vloggers.

With the rise of youtube in 2007 it made video content that was created to hit a huge audience, quickly, with the right content, look and feel then this is still hugely achievable as the traffic gets is mind blowing. For example a few years ago I created a video for a hair salon in Glasgow and within a few month hit quarter of a million views!

The rise of the drones has also happened recently with some amazing products out there from DJI all the way up to the professional kit used for television. It’s hard not to notice these videos as they are an angle we do not get to see usually and looks amazing. Hard not to want one of these for your company is it?

Video can be an essential part of your online strategy, whether its the simple vlog on a website and social media or maybe its an explainer video for the launch of your new web application. Let’s get on it! From Oil industry to Snowboarding to Farming it’s all going to look great!

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Why is this a reason to get a new website or web application?

Video usage is on the increase every day as our attention spans get smaller and our free time gets less and less, we demand a lot of information quickly, so adding video in to your website and social media just makes sense, we know we are making a conscious effort on this for 2018. It’s time to embrace video as an amazing tool for for inbound marketing and showing to your clients what you can do for them.

Having video on you website is hugely popular and not going away anytime soon, why is this? It can be really captivating and engaging to the viewer that’s trying to find out more about your company, service or you, so get on it! Video can be used in many different ways on a website, if you offer a product or service then why not make an explainer video created for your new website, this can be on the homepage or why not even as soon as you come on to the website, we can almost guarantee this is going to drive sales if done correctly and professionally.

By all means go out and make videos for your products and services but we can highly recommend getting this done professionally is worth it as a bad video is going to discourage possible leads as will cheapen the overall look, we have seen this on sites before and it certainly raises red flags when browsing a similar product with a great video that is done right.

Want to talk to us about a new website that can showcase your videos or even have a chat about getting a video done for your website from us or some amazing video content creators we just happen to know? Lets get a conversation going, click on contact and send us a message